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. president obama is 20 something points ahead of the state. >> obama is way ahead. >> i think he likes to claim new hampshire as a mother and he's probably going to lose the hampshire so he is going to make history by being the first to lose all three home states. [laughter] >> there was one person it's failing me who it is the president lost his home state and birth stayed and still one that was in the 1800's said it is unusual. i think we are ready if people would like to ask questions instead of meter freezing them and changing them into something else. we are ready to take some questions out loud if anybody wants to go to the microphone to read we have them in both files or just this one? if anybody wants to go to that microphone and asked a question you can ask of general walsh and i promise not to cut you off too quickly as long as there is a question at the end of whatever you say. if anyone wants to ask a question -- >> you are closer and you can get there faster. >> stood up to the microphone and if not lost more myself to this gimmick the other day mitt romney made a statemen
blues, but don't forget that mr. obama won his first office as state senator by disenfranchising 1000 black voters in his district which is where i live by the way. removed their names. so it is a game played by both parties. unfortunately the victims are always the same color and the same income group, the vulnerable, class war. right now there's no question that the democrats are doing it and the republicans are doing it but republicans do it wholesale. the republicans have the big datamining operations that cost 40, $50 billion each to develop while demott kratzer playing with their floppy disks so it is the balance has shifted for 2012. not shifted so much to the republicans because that is just -- for shifted to the billionaires, the hands and the public, mr. sanger of the the vulture and his buddy, is other billionaire buddy and let me just bring up a couple more. i mentioned seamus, the koch brothers. oh yeah we are going after couple more and by the way there are four brothers. you will get the whole pack in "billionaires & ballot bandits," not just david and charles but you g
we have not recovered from to this day. >> barack obama. how big a story was it in your mind that an african american became president of the united states? >> well, let me say personally, first, it did not really sink in with me until i was in the control room and one of the early primaries and he won. i remember standing there thinking, he could be president of the united states, and the significance of an african-american in my lifetime being president just struck me personally. and not sure that the reaction, but it was mine. clearly it changed so much in this country and the way we perceive one another and perceive race, and it has been an absolute milestone. no, let's -- that said, and i don't want to take anything away from president obama. he is a remarkable man with a remarkable intellect. anyone would have beaten the republican in 2008 given the economy. i mean, we had eight years of republican. hard to have 12 years of the same party in office no matter what unless you want four more years of the same. given what was going on with the economy at that point there wa
, about a year after obama took office, three things happened. the first was from the united states supreme court. and i think no person in the united states that i can think of has benefited more from the supreme court than karl rove. two decisions. when, in 2000 obviously with the bush versus gore which put is candid in the white house. number two, in 2010, citizens united decision, and that opens the floodgates fur contribution, unlimited contributions, in many cases from secret sources with no transparency whatsoever that is just unprecedented in history . the second thing that happened was michael seal running the republican party, and he is sort of running into a ditch. he could not raise a dime, and came seven early in 2010, you may recall there was a revelation in los angeles to the republican national committee had been entertaining its donors had a lesbian bondages the minister because of -- club. and for the party of family values this did not work too well, so they could not raise a dime. this gave wrote his opening. so it april he had a luncheon at his house in washingt
of the economy. which we have not recovered from to this day. >> host: barack obama, how big of a story that an african-american became president of the united states? >> personally, it did not seen an until i was in the control room when he won i remember standing there thinking he could be president of united states and the significance of the african-american in my lifetime struck me personally. clearly it changed so much in the way we perceive one another, race, as an absolute milestone. now that said, anyone would have be 10 there republican in 2008 given the economy. it is hard to have 12 years of the same party unless you of four more years of the same. with the economy at that point* there was almost notes chance personally. with hillary clinton was nominated she would have been elected. is a momentous occasion. >> host: any insights right now? [laughter] all this time in the newsroom where is it headed? >> i don't know any more than you do. [laughter] >> i think it is 50/50 country and it is a mistake to predict one way or the other. almost apart from the candidates there is th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5